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Page last updated: 23 August 2016

The Care for Kids’ Ears resources are part of the Australian Government’s commitment to improving ear health services for Indigenous Australians for better education and employment outcomes.

The Care for Kids’ Ears resources aim to contribute to a reduction in ear disease in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by:

  • Increasing awareness of the role that modifiable behaviours such as regular ear examinations/surveillance, treating early infections to completion, smoking, hygiene, breastfeeding and nutrition have in preventing the development of ear disease;
  • Increasing awareness of the signs and symptoms of ear disease, especially of those that are non-visual;
  • Increasing understanding of the link between ear disease and associated hearing loss;
  • Increasing awareness that ear disease and hearing loss can have significant long-term consequences to language and cognition; and
  • Increasing awareness of effective surveillance, prevention and treatment pathways.

Evaluation Report

Care for Kids Ears - Evaluation Report (Word 4741 KB)

Care for Kids Ears - Evaluation Report (PDF 3065 KB)